The Royal City: Luang Prabang


05.17.2015 - 05.21.2015

The blinding light, saturated humidity, and temperamental weather. Luang Prabang. Its been about a month since returning home from my adventures in Southeast Asia. My sister, mother and I flew in though Lao Airlines and booked our hotel (Indigo House Hotel) online, where we had a close up view of the Alms Giving Ceremony and Night Market on Sisavangvong road. When dressing for Southeast Asia, I underestimated how sensitive the dress codes were in this alternative culture, respectful dressing calling for all skin covered up even in the hottest of weather! Can't say I was comfortable especially in Luang Prabang. But it called for creative ways to cover up and dress up without being sloppy. 

Greatest finds in Luang Prabang, a glorious collar necklace and silk/cotton scarf from the Night Market. I was hunting for something special that wasn't replicated 1000 times by other venders. It was a challenge worse than finding something wearable from the sale section of a Forever 21. If you catch my meaning. I walked away happy with what I found however. 

There was plenty to eat in Luang Prabang. Coconut Garden, Night Market street food, and street stands selling banh mi and fruit smoothies. If you're ever hungry, there's plenty to eat up and down Sisavangvong road. Luckily for us, Indigo House had free breakfast included, so of course we had Khao Soi every morning. A spicy and delicious start. Majority of our trip was spicy induced goodness no matter where we ate, which was heaven for us. 

Luang Prabang is a slice of Lao and Hmong culture. However touristy this place gets however, it was never as saturated as Thailand. Perhaps 20 years from now it will be as Thailand, however I believe this city will endure, to continue to feel as homey and dreamy as modern wi-fi comforts come to Lao.