Moody Indigos

Wearing: Denim Vest (Banana Republic/Thrifted), Bralette (Topshop), Jewelry (Forever 21), Jeans (Levi's), Sandals (Asos)

So blue. I've been a bit moody this week after a few interviews and (failed) friend visits *sweats*. This past week has been the week of blues, so I'm taking out every piece of denim in my closet and wearing it out. This weather is quickly changing and it's time to transition into fall. I'm not quite ready for the end of these hot summer days, but I'm so ready for wearing layers and boots again. I won't be missing the accidental stubbing of toes on doorways with my sandals, and I can be a gritty princess again once the weather allows it. If you're looking for some simple jean basics, I recommend Levi's and Lucky Brand all the time for comfort and affordability. As we all transition into fall, I'm sure you've all got your jean basics but just in case you want more -- you can have more.