4 steps & 7 Blonde Essentials

It's no secret blonde asians need an incredible amount of care for their bright tresses. I've tried so many different products from serums, cremes, conditioners, shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and dry-shampoos (and many of them drug-store products) to help alleviate some of the woes that come with being an artificial blonde. Blonde maintenance is a tough subject to tackle, & everyone is experimenting with hundreds of products out there. As a disclaimer, I'm no hairdresser or professional, and any products I put up on here are items that I've been using for several years, plus a few I'm currently experimenting with. After 6 years of being a processed babe, I've organized my process into 4 categories with the hair products I use to regulate my symptoms. 

Blonde hair gets brassy after several showers, so maintaining the bright color requires a purple shampoo. Rusk (bright) is my most trusted brand of purple shampoo, the purple bottle contains enough to last 6+ months up to a time. More importantly, it is sulfate-free which keeps my color from fading and rusting. I use this about every 3 days. Immediately after bleaching, I mix Protein Color Filler into my hair to prolong and protect the color, but I save the other half of the bottle in case of extreme brassiness down later down the timeline. About a week after bleaching, it's a good idea to rub in other half of the bottle (or a little day by day) and leave it in for 20-25 minutes when hair starts losing that bright color.

For the days without shampoo I can get fairly greasy and gross. I've found that dry shampoo is the best basic way to continue to be fresh without shampooing again. I've tried Fekkai's dry shampoo and this one by Batiste, and both work fairly decently but the Fekkai version broke on me. Batiste's leaves a white residue when you're not careful, but the Fekkai dry shampoo doesn't. Ugh. It's pricey and it works, but it broke! So now I have this Batiste one to try out, and for the most part it gets great reviews and I think it works for me. However, I always shampoo/rinse out the dry shampoo by the 2nd or 3rd day. Any more than that, and I think it gets dry and caked.

Essential for hair bleachers. This is what makes or breaks your hair texture, and for me, these products get the job done. The keratin oil mask works to smooth and restore keratin in your hair, and the 3 minute miracle makes my hair instantly smooth. Coconut oil also helps to throw on (before shampooing), but I only do it on my shampoo days. I also used to put John Freida's Hair Secret Weapon in my hair for last-minute-oh-man-this-hair-isn't-working fixes. Not so much anymore, though, these products tend to be enough to fix my hair up. 

And lastly, scalp rescue products. I hurt my scalp 6 months ago, completely frying and hurting myself in the bleach process. So for the past 6 months, I've been using this coconut oil + aloe vera mask to restore and heal the skin. I learned very harsh lesson. I didn't restore my over-porous hair before bleaching because I was lazy, so now I've been paying for it these last 6 months with itchiness. Don't skimp out like me! Take care of your hair and scalp before you bleach. :(

Anyhow, that's my process! I hope this post was helpful to someone, I tried to layout everything to be easy to read and follow. There's several of you beauty gurus out there who've probably done better with your hair care routines, so I'd love to hear feedback about what you do for your hair, and other products you guys use. Thanks for tuning in, I'm not sure if these beauty posts will be a reoccurring thing, let me know what you think!