Freshly Painted White

Wearing: Hat (Forever 21), Sunglasses + Wide-leg Trousers + Purse (Vintage), Top (Colorfast Apparel/Urbanoutfitters), Shoes (Asos), 

Yesterday I was in the mood to wear out these wide-leg trousers that were gifted courtesy of mom. Culottes and wide-leg are all the rage right now, simply because perhaps we're tired of skinny jeans (source). I can't say I'll be retiring my collection of skinnies, but having a wide-leg for a change is refreshing. Another change this summer: Wearing White. This is a color I shy away from in favor of black, but in these hot days white is necessary. I've even opted to paint my nails this blanco color, which made me feel more elegant than I expected. As they say in the design world, don't be afraid of white space!

Likkie Xiong