Sky High


Wearing: Dress (Urban Outfitters/similar/similar), Jacket (Bar III/poshmark/similar), Earrings (Forever 21), Jewelry (vintage), Shoes (asos/similar)

Feel like hanging with me at the parking lot? Or do you feel like taking aesthetically pleasing photos instead? Why not both? Haha. Today was busy full of errands but I decided to stop in this supermarket parking lot to snap a few self-timed photos. (no shame) I just happened to catch the sun as it pulled behind clouds and thus gave birth to this glorious cloud backdrop. Hngg it was so hard to pick only one photo! But don't worry I won't over saturate your feeds. About this denim jacket, it's old. I've never really worn out it out when I first bought it, it was a statement piece some years ago by Bar III that was inspired by Isabel Marant. It stayed in my closet behind all my pleather jackets last fall. Now I've grown accustomed to using it during cool nights while wrapping it around myself during the hot days. Funny how an old piece finds it's way back to your regular wardrobe. If you're interested this patchwork jacket, I found a seller on Poshmark that is selling it for $25 in a large size! Hopefully someone picks it up, it's a nice piece that is an A-line crop. Meaning, it doesn't clinch your waist tightly and instead hangs around your curves instead. 

In some big news, I've recently began a small-time fashion writing contribution gig with, where I've officially published my first (shopping) list. If you're interested in a quick look into fall 2015 trends, here's 10 items on an it-girl’s fall online shopping list. Check it out and stay tuned for more articles!

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