Cafe Patachou Redesign

Cafe Patachou Redesign


Cafe Patachou’s new website design reflects the visual experience of the restaurant attracting downtown office workers looking for a quick bite to eat for lunch. I created personas, a site map, wireframes, and visual design for this project.

Designer: Likkie Xiong
Design Instructor: Aaron Ganci
Herron VCD Spring 2014



Long described as a “student union for adults,” Cafe Patachou is an award-winning farm-to-table cafe based in Indianapolis. Upon taking a look at their current website, I found it difficult to navigate and locate the information I most needed, hours of the restaurant, catering, and a lack of responsive layout. 


Establishing the groundwork

I took a trip to their Indianapolis location during lunch hours and took notes and observed. I then made 2 personas of the different people I observed. From there, I created a small visual style guide and site map to orient a new flow for the web design.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Before jumping to the visuals, I laid out what information was needed on each page, and knew I needed to create hi-fi wireframes to prove the functionality of the expandable menu.


Challenges and learnings

This redesign has visual emphasis on photography and food, and improves the navigation and clarity of Cafe Patachou's offerings. In this project, I learned how important it was to understand product offerings before diving into design. I did not work hand-in-hand with the business owner to assess their needs, however I think that this new solution is successful with overall improved navigation and visual design.