Confetti Typography


Confetti Typography for Republic Wireless

For New Years, we concluded this message was going to be a special one. We had refunded $1.1 million to members via our Republic Refunds in 2015, and we proudly wanted to tell our members. After concepting with sketches, I suggested we show this special message showered in NYE confetti, placing each piece of confetti by hand to create the message.

January 2016

Behindthescenes_1 (2).jpg

Challenges and learnings

One of the biggest challenges was deciding how many frames per second were needed to get the stop motion effect. I'd never worked with stop motion before so that was a learning curve. I overcompensated and took many frames to match 30 fps, even though I ended up editing it down to 12 fps. I also didn't have a rig to put the DSLR on top of, so we strapped it to a ladder! It was worth it. This GIF earned our social channels 6x more the social engagement than the average social post.