Immerge Magazine


Immerge Magazine

The word Immerge means “to plunge into another.” This project introduced new appealing aspects of lifestyle and creativity to young women. I was responsible for layouts, custom editorial content, and photography art direction.

Creative Direction and Content: Likkie Xiong, Korean Stevens, Kwok Keung Lee
Photography: Likkie Xiong, Korean Stevens, Kwok Keung Lee
Logo Design: Kwok Keung Lee
Video Editing: Kwok Keung Lee
Media: Publication Design, Promotional Video
December 2013

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Our promotion video

We filmed behind the scenes footage and pulled together aspects of our brand into a video.


Challenges and learnings

This project taught me a plethora of things, how to be resourceful with finding content (designers are content creators too!), print production, and how to work together in a great team.